Chip Resetter for Brother LC103 LC105 LC107

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Product Description

For use with original Brother LC103 LC105 LC107 cartridges. Resets chip software to restore ink level monitoring.

This device will reset the OEM Brother LC103 LC105 LC107 cartridge chips to "new" specs, allowing yourprinter to recognize the cartridge as new when you refill it. This resetterwill yield thousands of successful resets, and is battery powered. Now you canfinally refill the Brother LC103 LC105 LC107 cartridges successfully, and resetthe chips on the cartridges so the printer won't know the difference!

The resetter is guaranteed to work on Original brand Brother LC103 LC105 LC107 cartridge chips, but may not workon "compatible chips" manufactured by 3rd parties. As long as you arerefilling a genuine Brother LC103 LC105 LC107 cartridge, this resetter is 100%guaranteed to bring your chips back to 100% new specifications.


Item # 145-170-01

Compatible Printers

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