Black AND Color Cartridge Ink Filling Machine (UNIFILL-500)

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Product Description

The UNIFILL-900 UNIFILL-900 is a revolutionary UNIFILL-900 that works to refill ALL black inkjet cartridges and ALL color inkjet cartridges with printheads in under 5 minutes! This is the ultimate UNIFILL-900 in the UNIFILL series, capable of filling ANY inkjet cartridge that has a print head!

New and improved version of the UNIFILL-500, this UNIFILL-900 has 2 extra ink lines, larger ink chambers, and a stronger suction, for an overall faster and more flexible filling solution that allows simultaneous filling of up to 6 ink lines at a time.

INCLUDES: 240ml each Durafirm Technology ink (Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow)


Item # 175-100-01