Ink Refill Kit - 4 Color - 2 pack with 60ml Black Bonus

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Product Description

IJC Combo (black and color) Inkjet Refill Kit Refills ANY inkjet printer cartridge on the market 6-14 times! Buy 2 refill kits and get an extra 50% black ink FREE!

IJC Inkjet Ink Refills Kits Refills ANY inkjet printer cartridge on the market! Get 15-35 refills on ANY cartridge!

This item contains :

  • 2 x Combo refill kits
  • 60ml extra Bulk Black ink!
    • Highest quality inks on the market and 24 hour tech support by trained professionals. Ink Refills have never been easier when refilling with Uni-Kit. The quality of the ink prevents refill problems, the instructions are clear and precise and the support and service is exceptional. You can always find a cheaper product, but it wont be the same quality as Uni-Kit. Savings are incredible, the average refiller spends about $4 per cartridge when refilling with refill kits, even as low as $1 per cartridge if buying Durafirm bulk inks in larger sizes (available in 60ml, 240ml and 1 gallon containers, even 44 gallon drums if you like! )

      IMPORTANT : Some cartridges require new chips, or chip reset in order to be properly recognized by your printer. Chip resetters or new replacement chips are sold separately when applicable or available. If you are not sure about your specific cartridge, please ask before purchasing this refill kit.


Item # 155-106-01
Refills 6 to 14
Shelf Life 4 years
Formula Durafirm Technology / UV Resistant