Toner Refill Kit for Okidata C530 MC561 (chip included)

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Product Description

This is a professionally developed toner refill kit for the Okidata C530d MC561. Includes replacement chip, refill tools and accessories, and easy to use instructions.

Note : "Starter cartridges" cannot be refilled (they will not be accepted by the printer as the printer will "remember" them as having been empty, even after you refill them). A "starter cartridge" is the cartridge that comes with the printer when you first purchase the printer. Any cartridge bought separate to the printer is not a starter cartridge, and can be successfully refilled.


Item # 195-543-01BLACK (Black)
195-543-01CYAN (Cyan)
195-543-01MAGENTA (Magenta)
195-543-01YELLOW (Yellow)
Refills 1
Shelf Life 4 years

Compatible Printers

This item is guaranteed to work with the following printers :