Toner Refill Kit for Samsung CLP-300

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Product Description

Refill kit for Samsung CLP300 CLP-300 laser toner cartridges. Compatible with the following Printer(s) : Samsung CLP-300

This Toner Refill will give you 1 FULL refill on your Samsung CLP300 toner cartridges. Restores your Samsung CLP300 cartridges back to original specs with 2,000 page yield per black cartridge and 1,000 page yield on the color cartridges (at 5% page coverage). Why pay over $50 for replacement toner cartridges when refill system will restore your cartridge to LIKE NEW CONDITION!

This refill kit includes :

  • 1 x Toner Refill Bottle
  • 1 x Refill instructions
  • Required (sold separately) : Hole-making tool

    • IMPORTANT : This printer has a KILLER CHIP embedded in each cartridge, when the cartridge runs completely out of toner the printer will NOT allow you to print again with that cartridge since it "remembers" the cartridge as empty. For our refill kit to work, you should either buy replacement chips (we now have these available) , or you need to refill your cartridge(s) BEFORE they completely run out. The reasoning for. This is as follows :

      This printer as with all other color Printer(s) from Samsung uses cartridge chips to control toner replacement. Through the way the printer has been designed, the print process is different to previous Samsung color Printer(s) When the toner supply in the cartridge unit is used up, the printer informs the chip, at which point the printer stops and refuses to print until a new cartridge is inserted. The existing cartridge can be refilled - However the chip contained within this cartridge refuses to allow any printing. In essence it is a KILLER CHIP. When the cartridge runs out of toner, the printer informs the chip, and both stop any printing thereafter. However if you do not allow the cartridge to run out of toner completely, this stopping process will not occur. Removing the chip from the cartridge is virtually impossible, the chip is sealed and glued into place and any realistic attempts to remove it, will damage the cartridge beyond It is being capable for future use. So, you need to refill BEFORE the printer locks the cartridge out as completely empty, and you can continually top-up the cartridges with toner, in order to avoid the KILLER CHIPS.

      We recommend that you refill the same toner cartridge 2-3 times before replacing with a new cartridge or a remanufactured compatible cartridge with new parts. The reason is because with subsequent refills, the quality and page yield will drop. You can expect about 100% quality and page yield on the 1st refill, and 90% on the 2nd refill.


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