Epson XP-200 WF-2520 continuous ink system REFILL PACK

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Product Description

Epson XP-200 XP-300 XP-400 XP-410 WorkForce WF 2520 2530 2540 Continuous Ink System REFILL KIT This is a Uni-Kit refill kit to replenish the ink in our Uni-Kit Continuous Ink System. This refill kit is equivalent to 8-9 cartridges PER COLOR! That is a total of about 40-45 cartridge yields all in this 1 refill kit! If you had to buy each cartridge separately, you could spend over $600 for original cartridge brands, or over $300 for compatible cartridge brands. This Uni-Kit refill kit is the perfect buy for high volume printers, at less than $50 this represents over 90% savings compared to buying new OEM cartridges! . Compatible cartridges are - Epson T200120 T200220 T200320 T200420 T200XL120 T200XL220 T200XL320 T200XL420. Remember, the ink in this refill kit is UV resistant and matches the OEM quality in both quality and page yield.


Item # 110-373-01
Refills 40 to 45
Formula UV Resistant