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About Us

In Business since 1996

We started selling inkjet and toner products online - largely refill kits - in 1996. We didn't even have a domain name! We piggy-backed on our isp's until 1998 when we launched our first real domain name website. Although inkjetcartridges.com launched in the fall of 2003, we secured the name back in 1998. We continue to service our community, but an increasingly large amount of business is conducted in places other than our hometown. Across the United States and Canada.


Because we have been around for so long many other companies who have sprouted online have used our materials. It will be no coincidence that you will see the same FAQ's, refill tips, troubleshooting and general info repeated over and over. Add copy and copyright laws are very loose online and it isn't worth the trouble to go after little businesses who run out of their basement. We just hope that our customers, and potential customers will be able to determine who is a qualitative company dedicated to service and product quality.


Is there anything better than 100% - No, and that is why our satisfaction guarantee is stated as: 100% satisfaction, or 100% refund.

How to reach us

Questions/Information: 626-371-7785
LIVE MON-FRI 8am to 5pm PST:
TOLL FREE: 1-888-661-9224

For all return or exchange issues, or PRODUCT SUPPORT, please contact us.