Inkjet Refill Kits

Don't throw your money away on new inkjet cartridges, refill your existing inkjet cartridges for as low as $2 per cartridge with our high quality inkjet refills kits by Uni-Kit! Uni-Kit offers superior performance in print quality and print longevity as a result of the proprietary Durafirm Technology ink that it uses. Refill instructions and tech support are also unmatched and available 24 hours a day to all Uni-Kit customers around the world.

You wouldn't throw away your car if it ran out of gas, so why throw away your inkjet cartridges?
Refilling makes sense!

Choose the Combo Uni-Kit for 6-14 cartridge refills (any black or color). Choose the Black Uni-Kit for 3-7 cartridge refills (black only). Choose the Color Uni-Kit for 3-7 cartridge refills (color only). Add the Uni-Kit Photo Pack if you will refill photo cartridges (photo cyan and photo magenta cartridges). Each printer ink refill kit comes with ink, refill tools and illustrated instructions to successfully refill your inkjet printer cartridges, as well as full-time access to Uni-Kit technical support and 100% quality guarantee. For repeat refill customers, see our bulk ink and refill accessories.

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