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Ink Refill Kit - 4 Color Value Pack

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Product Description

IJC Inkjet COMBO (Black and Color) Refill Kit

Refills All Color ink cartridges from HP, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Sharp, Brother, Dell & Many Other Inkjet Printer(s).

Advantages :

  • Save as much as 80% compared to buying new cartridges
  • Refill your Cartridges Up to 6 Times (depending on cartridge size)
  • Contains All the Tools You Need To Refill your Ink Cartridges
  • Compatible With HP, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Sharp, Brother, Dell & Many Other Inkjet Printer(s)
  • Step-By-Step Instructions Make Refilling your Cartridge Easy
  • 24 Hour Technical Support by email
  • IJC Inkjet Refill Inks are American Engineered at the Highest Specification for Maximum Compatibility with your Printer
    • Includes :
      • 2 Bottles of Black Ink (30ml each) formulated to work with ANY Black ink cartridge
      • 3 Bottles of Color Inks (30ml each Cyan, Yellow and Magenta) formulated to work with ANY Color ink cartridge
      • Tools to Refill any Ink Cartridge
      • CD Containing Illustrated Installation Guide & Bonus Software
        • IMPORTANT : Some cartridges require new chips, or chip reset in order to be properly recognized by your printer. Chip resetters or new replacement chips are sold separately when applicable or available. If you are not sure about your specific cartridge, please ask before purchasing this refill kit.


Item # 155-100-01BASICKIT2
Refills 3 to 6
Shelf Life 4 years
Formula Universal