Replacement for Pitney Bowes 766-8 - fluorescent red

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Product Description

This is a high quality compatible cartridge which replaces the Pitney Bowes 766-8 (190ml) ink cartridge at a vastly lower price over the OEM (genuine original Pitney Bowes cartridge). The pain of sticker shock is no more. We offer cartridge products that are tested, approved and verified - for less. A quality, less expensive Pitney Bowes 766-8 red ink cartridge). This generic cartridge is compatible with Pitney Bowes DM800, DM800i, DM900, DM1000 Series Secap DP800, DP1000 Series.


Item # 151-353-01
Type Compatible
Shelf Life 3 years

Compatible Printers

This item is guaranteed to work with the following printers :