Toner Refill Kit for Konica Minolta QMS 2400 2500

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Black $3.69
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4 PACK: 1-Black, 1-Cyan, 1-Magenta, 1-Yellow $57.99

Product Description

QMS KONICA MINOLTA 2400 TONER REFILLS - For Konica Minolta 2400 and Minolta 2500 Magicolor Cartridges

Color toner specifically engineered for Minolta 2400 2500 Printer(s) now available from Uni-Kit. The QMS Minolta 2400 2500 series toner cartridges cost over $100, but our toner refills will save you over 50% and still guarantee you the quality and reliability you expect from an OEM toner cartridge. These magicolor 2400 2500 series toner cartridges are very easy to refill, and complete illustrated toner refill instructions are included with the refills. The refill procedure takes less than 3 minutes on these models, and no extra tools or equipment are necessary. You can successfully refill your QMS 2400 toner cartridges and enjoy page yield and output and quality will be 100% that of the original on your first refill. Why pay around $100 for these cartridges when you can refill them quickly and save a bundle!

This item contains :

  • 1 x High Capacity Toner Refill for QMS 2400 (choose from Black, Cyan, Yellow or Magenta)
  • 1 x toner pouring nozzle
  • 1 x illustrated instructions
    • Sold Separately : Required for some models only (see asterisk below for more details) : Replacement chip for magiColor 2400 2400W 2430 2430DL 2450DL 2500 2530 2550*

      It's that simple! Now you can save over $50 per cartridge by using toner refills for QMS 2400.

      Compatible with the following Printer(s)

      • MagiColor 2400 Desk Laser
      • MagiColor 2400W
      • MagiColor 2430
      • MagiColor 2430DL*
      • MagiColor 2400DL*
      • MagiColor 2450DL*
      • MagiColor 2500 series*
      • MagiColor 2530 series*
      • MagiColor 2550 series*
        • * Magicolor 2430DL, 2430DL, 2450DL, 2500, 2530 and 2550 series models require a REPLACEMENT CHIP for each cartridge (sold separately). The other models (2400, 2400W, 2430) do not require this chip as the printer can be reset to print without a replacement chip (it will read the cartridge as empty, but still allow you to print) - instructions on how to do this printer reset are included with the kit and take 1 minute to do.

          Note : The Konica Minolta 2400 2500 QMS cartridges can be refilled whether they are a STARTER cartridge that comes with the printer when you first buy the printer, or a replacement cartridge.

          The refills we sell are equivalent to a HIGH CAPACITY cartridge (4,500 page yield at 5% coverage). Soeven if you refill a starter cartridge, you will be essentially converting it into a HIGH CAPACITY cartridge with our refill kits.


Item # 195-133-01BLACK (Black)
195-133-01CYAN (Cyan)
195-133-01MAGENTA (Magenta)
195-133-01YELLOW (Yellow)
195-143-01 (4 PACK: 1-Black, 1-Cyan, 1-Magenta, 1-Yellow)
Refills 1
Shelf Life 4 years