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Toner Refill Kit for Samsung CLP-510

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Color   Price
Cyan $18.99
Magenta $18.99
Yellow $18.99
4 PACK: 1-Black, 1-Cyan, 1-Magenta, 1-Yellow $69.99

Product Description

Samsung CLP-510 toner refills CLP-511 CLP-515 These refills are equivalent to the HIGH CAPACITY cartridges which retail for about $100 black and $120 for each CYM. You save about 50% with our high quality DIY toner refills.

This This is a professionally developed toner refill kit for the Samsung CLP-510 Toner series of color Printer(s) will save you a bundle over buying new cartridges (for CLP-510, CLP510N CLP-510N). These CLP510 toner cartridges are easy to fill, and produce excellent results with our high quality toner. your CLP 510 laser printer page output and quality will be 100% that of the original on your first refill.

Why pay over $150 for these cartridges when you can refill them in under 5 minutes and save a bundle! Did you know that buying a new set of replacement cartridges for this printer costs just as much as the printer itself? Why waste your money when you have an alternative that's quick, easy and is also good for the environment.

This toner refill kit gives you exactly 1 full refill on these cartridges.

Item contains :

  • Illustrated refill instructions
  • Toner (1 full refill black, cyan, yellow or magenta)
  • Toner nozzle to pour the toner
    • Note : You need to have a soldering iron kit to replace the smart chip (instructions are included)

      Note : It is recommended to refill the same Samsung CLP 510 toner cartridge up to 2 times before replacing with a new OEM Samsung CLP 510 toner cartridge. This way you always maintain high quality prints and high page yields.

      You can expect the same amount of printed pages as with an original cartridge (7000 page yield black and 5000 page yield each color)


Item # 195-123-01CYAN (Cyan)
195-123-01MAGENTA (Magenta)
195-123-01YELLOW (Yellow)
195-145-01 (4 PACK: 1-Black, 1-Cyan, 1-Magenta, 1-Yellow)
Refills 1
Shelf Life 4 years

Compatible Printers

This item is guaranteed to work with the following printers :