Remanufactured Epson T580B00 ink cartridge - vivid light magenta

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This is our customer's choice Epson T580B00 ink cartridge. This cartridge for the Epson T580B00 is an excellent cost saving option. The compatible Epson T580B00 ink cartridge is manufactured under strict quality control standards and is systematically inspected, disassembled, cleaned and refilled with 100% new ink. Our Epson T580B00 compatible ink cartridge gives you a choice and a lower cost, economical alternative to buying expensive OEM (Original) Epson ink cartridges. Compatibility includes T580B00, Stylus Pro 3800.

NOTE : These compatible cartridges do not come with a chip. A chip is necessary for the printer to recognize the cartridge. You can move the chip from the original cartridge onto this compatible cartridge very easily, so please make sure that you keep the original cartridge for this purpose (the procedure is easy to do, and instructions are included)


Item # 151-461-01VLMAGENTA
Type Remanufactured
Color Vivid Light Magenta
Capacity 80 ml
Shelf Life 3 years

Compatible Printers

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