You have a choice

There are a lot of great money saving products at You can count on great service, 50-80% savings, easy ordering, and fast shipping. Now all you need to do is decide how much money to save. Here are some of your money saving choices...

Remanufactured Cartridges

Save 50-70% buying a very green option, a recycled, tested, guaranteed cartridge. Just pop in and save money & the landfills!

Compatible Cartridges

Save 50-80% over original cartridges, with clean, crisp, quality prints every time. An excellent choice for the quality, cost conscious.

Ink & Toner Refill Kits

Save 75-90% doing it yourself. Maximum savings, maximum green. Refill your own cartridges easily and quickly. Help the planet, help your wallet!

OEM Cartridges

Save 5-10% on OEM ink cartridges and OEM toner cartridges. Original brand name ink and toner is yet another of your choices.