HP Inkjet Cartridges

Now you can refill your existing HP inkjet cartridge with our made in the USA Uni-Kit Inkjet Refill Kits. The average HP printer owner will save about 75% when compared to buying new HP original inkjet cartridges. When you throw your HP inkjet cartridge away you are throwing money away! Do you throw your automobile away when you run out of gas? Or do you throw your shaver away when you are out of razors? You CAN refill your inkjet cartridge and restore it to LIKE NEW condition, with the same quality and page yield as the original cartridge on your first refill. You can refill the same HP inkjet cartridge 2-3 tiems before it gives way to some wear and tear and only then will you notice a decrease in quality, but until that time you can save yourself over $100! We support all HP inkjet cartridge models, from the HP 51645a, to the HP C6656 (HP 56) and HP C6657 (HP 57) as well as hundreds of other types. Refill popular color inkjet cartridges such as HP C6578. See how easy it is to refill HP inkjet cartridges with Uni-Kit. Uni-Kit inkjet refill kits are designed and engineered in the USA, with premium quality Durafirm Technology inks which perform better than most OEM inks. The prints are brighter and more vibrant, blacks are deeper and richer.

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